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Anonymous asked: hi ! can you help me understand how ages work in korea? i know that they add another year on top of the international age; so if i'm born in 1993, internationally i'm 20, but in korea i'm considered 21 (right?). but then sometimes i see those born in 1994 also 21. i don't get it. for example: taemin is (july) 1993, so he's 21. kai's (january) 1994 BUT is considered also 21. so he and taemin are chingus. i don't understand. do months matter too? thanks ! ♥

ANON!!! This has nothing to do with Big Bang so I was hoping I could answer this privately, but I guess I can’t because you’re an anon :( LOL but it’s okay!

Anyway, I’m a Korean who is still pretty much confused about how they calculate age over in that country haha. Heck, even my parents are still confused after living in America for so long. Anyway, yes. Since we’re both 93ers, we’re both internationally 20 years old, but 21 in Korea since they consider the 9 months in the womb as basically one year. So for Kai, who was born in 1994, he’s considered 21 because he’s a January birthday. I believe if you’re born in the first two months of the year (and maybe even up to March), you’re considered older than everyone born in the months after. Very confusing. So if someone was born in January or February of 1995, they would still be somewhat considered a 94er.

All I know is that you add one year for your age in Korea :)

Feel free to elaborate if you’re more educated on this subject than I am! 


BIGBANG’s way of bullying Minzy

Bias list, pass it on. 

Bias list, pass it on.

2NE1: CL
AOA: --
After School:
Bangtan: --
B.A.P: Jung Daehyun
Big Bang: TOP
Block B:
Brown Eyed Girls:
C-Clown: --
CNBlue: --
Dalmatian(DMTN): --
Dal★Shabet: --
Davichi: --
DGNA: --
Epik High: Tablo
FT Island: Choi Minhwan
Girl's Day: --
Girls' Generation: Hyoyeon
Hello Venus: --
History: --
JJ Project: --
LC9: --
MBLAQ: Lee Joon
Miss A: Suzy
Nine Muses:
Rainbow: --
Rania: --
SHINee: Onew
SHINHWA: Kim Dongwan
Sistar: Soyou
SS501: --
Sunny Hill: --
Super Junior:
Supreme Team: Simon D
Teen Top: Niel
Wonder Girls: Sohee
ZE A: --

daesungkissme asked: What color of that underwear that a fan threw at TOP in during Alive Tour

LOL. I don’t know, I don’t remember.

Anonymous asked: I'm so happy you opened up the ask for anons, so now I can tell you how awesome you are even though I don't have a tumblr! YOU'RE AMAZING ~ !! I don't know what to say, I'm so thankful you're a VIP and that out of everyone you chose to be Bigbang's fan... I love you <3

I thought I always had the anonymous option open LOL… but hahaha. Thank you so much!! I feel bad for all my tumblr followers because I’ve been pretty MIA on here for the past year after I started working full-time… I’ve always just been on twitter more. BUT I’ll be switching to part time and going back to school, so I’ll have more free time to translate and post more on tumblr in about a month. Yay! Hehehe.

Thank you, though <3 I really appreciate all my followers on tumblr who are still waiting for me hahaha. 

Anonymous asked: Haaaii, I love you <3

I love you, too? hehe


Anonymous asked: What is your view on heedragon? I feel like their rumors were true and the evidence actually make me kinda believe they had some sort of past. I've read a lot about kvips covering up for them too, like how they were spotted on dates, editing/cutting fancams, etc. i don't ship them, but the recent article about Tell Me and Lies made me curious again

I always thought the idea of Heedragon was really cute. I remember I wrote a one-shot of them on soompi before when Wonder Bang was at its peak LMFAO. But it was just a one time thing rather than obsessed shipping. BUT I never believed any of it. I’ve never even seen “evidence” of them. And on top of it all he was actually going out with a non-celebrity during that time lol. I will not be elaborating more on this topic, though. Goodnight, everyone :3


paanda-seungri asked: WIS ?? :))
  • WIS who I ship? (with myself, or with others — specify) 
Funny because my ultimate bias is TOP, but if I were to pair myself with anybody I’d say G-Dragon. I can’t see myself with TOP (well of course I do, but I don’t think we would look good together at all… not that I’d ever really get with him hahahahaa) and I see myself better with G-Dragon (yes, you guys may come and punch me now lmfao). So… I ship myself with GD. But these days I’ve been shipping myself with Kim Woobin and Lee Jongsuk HAHAHAHAHA.