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TEAM B (iKON) - 기다려 (Wait For Me)
Digitally Released 2014.09.12

She is laughing limitlessly, too.
As if nothing is wrong, time grabs you & runs along.
In my dreams I hold your hands and we’re together.
I then wake up & say hello to the cruel rising sun,
damping my pillow(with my tears).

Oh, you and I (Oh, you and I)
Even though we’re under the same sky, we can’t meet
Please believe in me, I’ll be there for you

Wait for me (wait for me) cuz I’ll go to you now.
Wherever you are, I’ll go.
Wait for me. Hey, time, please go faster.
Wait for me (Wait for me) cuz I’ll go to the place you’re at.

I’ll run to you faster than time.
Wait for me, yeah… So that my heart can reach her.
Time, go, go faster (faster)
Time, go, go to her… so that I can reach her.

Nothing’s coming into my mind; my eyes close in thought.
I let out a sigh, my hands entwine held high above my head.
Everything’s the same, I feel like my life’s been folded in half.
That lovely image of you in my dreams,
I feel like it’s been frozen in my heart.

Under the blinding sun, you and I look into each others’ eyes.
I want to tell you, “Thank you for keeping me alive.”
I missed you - your voice, your face, even your light breath
I won’t go anywhere anymore, I’ll be right beside you.
Even until the moment the world ends.

[Repeat Hook]

Time has passed and it’s suddenly spring again
Send off the cold days and I remember,
I only belong to you…
 need to stay beside you in order to breathe.
I’m ready now - I only need you.
I ain’t gonna leave, I promise.

Wait for me cuz now we can be forever
and I’m coming for you, baby.
I can’t be without you (yeah)

[Repeat hook]

Translation: swaggalevel-1000 (big_seunghyun@twitter)

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TOP for MAX MOVIE Magazine upcoming issue 

well fuck you too

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mummy forever teasing daddy
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taeyang’s engrish conversation with a random lady

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Dang, it’s been a long time.

I haven’t been on tumblr in the longest time. LOL Do any of my followers even remember me still? HAHAHA. I’ve only been active on @big_seunghyun twitter that I haven’t logged into tumblr in forever! I’m debating whether or not I want to slowly restart my tumblr again, but I don’t think there’s any use or point in doing so anymore. >_<;;

It’s been a while, but I still love BIGBANG. lmfao That’ll never change. (:

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Anonymous said: hi ! can you help me understand how ages work in korea? i know that they add another year on top of the international age; so if i'm born in 1993, internationally i'm 20, but in korea i'm considered 21 (right?). but then sometimes i see those born in 1994 also 21. i don't get it. for example: taemin is (july) 1993, so he's 21. kai's (january) 1994 BUT is considered also 21. so he and taemin are chingus. i don't understand. do months matter too? thanks ! ♥

ANON!!! This has nothing to do with Big Bang so I was hoping I could answer this privately, but I guess I can’t because you’re an anon :( LOL but it’s okay!

Anyway, I’m a Korean who is still pretty much confused about how they calculate age over in that country haha. Heck, even my parents are still confused after living in America for so long. Anyway, yes. Since we’re both 93ers, we’re both internationally 20 years old, but 21 in Korea since they consider the 9 months in the womb as basically one year. So for Kai, who was born in 1994, he’s considered 21 because he’s a January birthday. I believe if you’re born in the first two months of the year (and maybe even up to March), you’re considered older than everyone born in the months after. Very confusing. So if someone was born in January or February of 1995, they would still be somewhat considered a 94er.

All I know is that you add one year for your age in Korea :)

Feel free to elaborate if you’re more educated on this subject than I am! 

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BIGBANG’s way of bullying Minzy

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