I am so tempted to read, watch, breathe these 2012 Big Show fancams and pics!

But I will refrain from doing so until all my midterms are over. I’m so sad right now! Seeing all these amazing things related to Big Show on my dashboard… I’m dying!! T_T LOL.

I just want to throw this out there, though:

Please do not edit fan-taken videos or pictures! If you must, please leave the credits in the picture or video edits that you make! Even if that means it’ll make the edit ugly or less pretty, just keep the watermarks intact. Taking fancams and fanpics during the concert are forbidden and a lot of fans get kicked out of the show when caught. Be thankful for the videos and pictures floating around right now. These VIPs try really hard to sneak these fan-taken goods for fans like us who couldn’t make it. Let’s at least give them the full and proper crediting they deserve! :)

And I shall now go back to being a hermit and study for my midterms. Until then, goodbye!

tagged as: fucking midterms. have fun with big bang. haha.

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