Things all V.I.Ps can relate to (about BIGBANG)...
  • 1. Chic + humor + dgaf = V.I.P
  • 2. You guys have given us endurance and taught us how to be patient. But don't take TOO long to make a comeback, okay?
  • 3. The sad truth that when your mom or dad says something to you, it doesn't even come through your ears. But when a Big Bang song comes on, it's as if it has penetrated through your eardrums.
  • 4. Oh, you like Big Bang? Let's be friends.
  • 5. Why is Big Bang trending and why are they being searched right now? I don't feel good about this... did they do something wrong again?
  • 6. UFO Town? Me2Day? What is that? Is it something you eat? Sorry, we wouldn't know. None of our biases, except Taeyang, update their SNS accounts. Twitter ftw.
  • 7. We're chic. When you and your back-dancers, stylists, and make-up artists seem to have a "thing" going on, we stfu and hope it goes well.
  • 8. When we see other fandoms spazzing about how their biases and artists gave them fan-service, we VIPs just sit here in silence.. wishing you guys gave just as much fan-service as they do. Sobs.
  • 9. Did you know? When Big Bang makes a comeback, that's when we're the happiest.
  • 10. Jiyong, your raps are very sexy and amazing... but they're just as difficult for us to sing along to.
  • 11. We drool when we see Youngbae's abs.... but when we see TOP, we realize that the world is unfair.
  • 12. Our visual leader, Madam Kang, is getting better looking every day! ^0^
  • 13. Seungri's Egg hair (Alive album hair) is nice. Actually, all his hairstyles are nice..... but PLEASE bring your bangs back.
  • 14. TOP, we are expecting you to finally expose your body this year. In 2012.
  • 15. Oh, look. They're talking about Korean fashion. I bet G-Dragon is going to be mentioned.
  • 16. When a member gets into a scandal, we don't curse at the girl. We curse at him, "Don't get dumped this time!" "Make sure to wear your shoe lifts out to your dates! You don't want to look shorter than her."
  • 17. Whether it's a textbook, a notebook, or a school desk... there's a million scribbles and drawings about Big Bang everywhere.
  • 18. You learn many different and interesting words after listening to Big Bang's songs.
  • 19. Sometimes... just sometimes, you get embarrassed of Big Bang. LOL.
  • 21. "I love you, Papa YG."
  • 22. When another artist or person disses Big Bang, "Oh, poor baby. Did you want attention that badly? Come here, I'll give you the love your mom never gave you."
  • 23. We have way too much pride. Like WAY too much. But DGAF.
  • 24. We learned to not look for "height" in men. Our "height" standards are not very tall.
  • 25. We aren't satisfied when people say, "Big Bang will always be five members." But we do get satisfied when people say, "Big Bang is forever one family."
  • Source: Naver Big Bang fancafe
  • Translations: // @big_seunghyun
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[TRANS] “A V.I.P unni saved me during Power Concert”

So, I was browsing through Nate Pann just now and saw that one of the posts that made it to the Hot Issue list was one that was titled, “A V.I.P unni saved me during Power Concert” and clicked it since I’m a VIP myself LMAO. I just thought it was a cute, yet heroic post that made me feel proud to be a VIP :) So, enjoy!

It’s kinda long, but entertaining.

**** there is a part during this fan account where it talks about a few fans of a certain group, but because I don’t want to start any fan wars, I’m just going to put “________” as a replacement. If you want to find out which group it is, you can go look for it yourself on the original post lmao. Sorry. I just want to keep everything clean. ****

"I’m afraid that I might be posting about this a little too late, but after seeing a post
that became a hot issue written by someone who was saved by a B2uty, I told myself
that I really! had to make my own account a hot issue so that I can show my
appreciation for that unni (older girl) T_T

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