[PICS] The “pension” mentioned in GD’s tweets!

  • G-Dragon recently purchased and built a pension (as a gift) for his parents to run as a business called “Dolce Bita Pension”. It has ten different rooms called Cafe, Love Song, Haru Haru, VIP, Crayon, Love Dust, Tonight, This Love, Butterfly, and Heaven. GD’s dogs, Gaho & Jolie, both live at the pension in a doghouse called “With Gaho, With Jolie”. It is located in Pochun City, Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea :)
  • The website for the pension is http://www.thenemo.kr/, but it is currently down due to the overly frequent visits of fans LOL. When the site is back up, please refrain from calling the number listed or sending messages unless it is strictly about business inquiries or reservations.

*Will update more photos of the pension :)

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[ALIVETOUR2012LA] Most of G-Dragon’s unheard English rap skit for the Nov. 2nd LA concert.

Akshglkjfdg over head, over feet. Ajksdhfkjds with or without the beat. I’m wild and I’m young. They all been obsolete. Why so damn serious? Got yo girl delirious. I’m only 25 and got the world so curious. Is it cuz of my style or my flow is mysterious? King with them aces, I’m the best. Period.

I had this recorded :) Although the people next to me were screaming so loudly, I couldn’t manage to decipher the very beginning. But yeah. People thought this was a new song, but to me it just seemed like a short English skit he specially prepared for the U.S. fans. He recited these “lyrics” slowly first, then he rapped to it with music in the background. The music was almost exactly like Crayon, so I don’t know! If it really is for a new song, then I’m all for it! :)

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Though I wasn’t in the VIP standing area, I had the next best tickets. I thought I’d still be pretty far from the stage, but I had such amazing seats! Honda Center and YGE were fucking ANAL about cameras today, so the line I stood in had such anal security that searched all throughout your bag and scanned your body. So I had to go put my DSLR back in the car, but I’m not complaining. I had such a blast! Plus, I was able to record some pretty bomb quality audio of the performances :) Oh! But one thing I really want to share (and it melted my heart to it’s very core when I witnessed it) was…

My seat was pretty close to the stage and was right behind the VIP standing area, so I was able to clearly see one of the fans in standing area holding a poster that read “I love you,  이승현 (Lee Seunghyun)”. Seungri was standing on our side of the stage and so I was watching him the whole time. He saw that fan in the standing area holding that poster and smiled. He then pointed at her, pounded his heart with his fist a few times, formed a heart with his hands, and pointed back to her with another melting smile. IT WAS SO DAMN CUTE AND SEXY. It’s like as if he wanted to tell her that he loves her, too. IT WAS SO SWEET. I ALMOST CRIED. If I feel this happy for that fan, I can’t imagine how she must have felt… or feels.

It was insane. TOP is a fucking perfect sculpture. skjghlakjshg. So hot. Taeyang ripped his shirt off twice (but that’s a given lmfao). Taeyang also mentioned Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast and wanted us to cheer them on. He also said, “I will pray for East Coast!” I almost cried again at that part LMFAO. GD prepared a special all-English rap skit (some claim that it’s a new song, but it didn’t seem like it. Hmm, who knows lol)  that went along to a remixed Crayon beat. Seungri and Daesung made silly Engrish comments.

I’m a happy camper :3

My love for BIGBANG has been taken to a whole other level. I didn’t think that was possible. Shrugs.

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[TWITTER] 120727 G-Dragon’s Twitter Update!

Guangzhou!waaazzzup! I love this placard sweeeet! 

Source: Twitter

[TWITTER] 120727 G-Dragon’s Twitter Update!

Guangzhou!waaazzzup! I love this placard sweeeet! 

Source: Twitter

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Forever sporting that  bowl  mushroom cut. #GDMUSHROOM
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Music cannot change the world.
But music can change three minutes of the world.
Then those three minutes can change three hours.
Then those three hours can change three days.
Then those three days can change three months.
Then those three months can change three years.
Then those three years can change a lifetime.
Then that lifetime can change others’ lifetimes.

And these people can change the world.

G-DRAGON on his Cyworld Minihompy
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After prosecutions were made, G-Dragon was said to have smoked only two to three puffs of marijuana.

A phone call interview with a concerned party from the South Korean National Institute of Scientific Investigation. (I will state the interviewee as “Concerned Party” and the interviewer as “Interviewer”.)

Concerned Party: As long as the region of hair where the components of a drug are located has not been cut or shaved off, it is possible to find traces of it(the marijuana).

Interviewer: So is it possible that evidence of the drug may show up in the tests even from only two to three puffs of intake?

Concerned Party: It’s a quite complicated area of discussion to explain, but because a small amount (of the drug) does transfer to the hair (after smoking marijuana), it is hard to argue whether the components of the drug shows up or not.

Interviewer: So you’re saying that if it is smoked even once, it’s possible that the results from the test will state that the amount taken in was very little?

Concerned Party: Yes, it depends on the situation and it is possible (for it to show up even from having smoked the drug once) because there is no set time or deadline for when the traces of the drug remain in the hair and have to leave… for hair that is 3cm long, the traces or components of the drug can remain in the system for up to at least 3 months and as long as the hair is not cut, you can say that it could be present in the system for as long as it may.

So basically, this video cleared up a lot of questions people had on whether or not GD is or was a habitual user of the drug. Some people stated that there’s no way that evidence could show from the hair follicle test if he had only smoked a few puffs while some begged to differ. This interview states that it is possible for evidence of the drug to show up in the system from a few puffs of the drug.

Here’s the link to the video, but the title “The truth case of G-Dragon’s marijuana” is kind of.. ehh. I mean, it counters and disproves the statements that GD may be a habitual user, but it doesn’t necessarily clear or explain the whole entire case, so.. hopefully the title doesn’t mislead you guys :)

Source: MBC 연예가중계 Interview
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orangieland: the cost of GD's reputation


i wonder how many people know of the cost of GD’s reputation being tainted by this little thing. While on all search engines GD’s name is put up there like the golden star on a christmas tree, there is something that we SHOULD see, that we are NOT seeing. It’s happened several times over and over,…

READ THIS. KVIPS are currently filing reports and creating petitions to get news about the politicians back up.

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