KVIP's short, yet good covers of Big Bang's teasers :)

Yes, it is a she. Not a he. LOL. She just has a deeper, huskier voice than most females, but I personally find it very soothing and nice :) She can even pull off teasers. LMFAO. She has a few other Big Bang covers, but I lost the links T_T

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[TRANS] KVIPs’ foreshadowing of Big Bang’s new album concept.

A KVIP posted a new topic in the fancafe where she talked about Big Bang’s new album concept, but I just thought her post and the comments made in the topic were too hilarious, so I’m translating them onto here LOL.

Main post:

"As most people have been guessing, ALIVE is probably going to be the name of the whole album.. and the oxygen mask they used (in TOP’s photo) is there because oxygen masks are supposed to help the patient breathe and live.. so I think it’s safe to say that that is what their new concept is going to be about, no?
I wonder what the other members are going to come out using.. I’m betting on one of those defibrillators they use to pump the patient’s chest to bring them back alive LOL
I hope this album can give both fans and Big Bang enough oxygen to breathe, haha.”

Comments made on this post by other KVIPs:

  • "They’re probably just going to stand on stage wearing oxygen masks…"
  • "They might just glue the mics straight onto the oxygen masks.."
  • "Or they’re going to come out holding onto IVs and needles"
  • "YG might make us new light stick goodies in the shape of an oxygen mask…."
  • "No, they’re going to roll out cardiac pacemaker screens onto the stage"
  • "What if their outfits are hospital patient clothes?"
  • "Their performance might be CPR… where they try saving each other.."
  • "One of them is going to come out with a cast on their arm"
  • "LOL they’re going to come out on crutches"
  • "Or wheelchairs….."
  • "OMG they should all wear hospital clothes, but cut them up in scissors into Big Bang style.. omfg it’d be so sexy"
  • "Big Bang can wear doctor uniforms and their dancers can be patients."
  • "TOP’s going to limp on stage going af;lkafkjdhf and breathing all hard and then faint on stage. And then Jiyong’s going to be wearing a white doctor’s gown while Daesung is standing next to him holding those computer screens that show the heartbeats. And then Seungri is going to be holding a scalpel and Youngbae is TOP’s guardian that’s waiting for the surgery to end so he’s just going to be standing on the side crying and singing the song all sadly because TOP’s dying…"

Oh, VIPs. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. The last one. Youngbae LOL.
Maybe I’m the only one who found them funny. ROFL. Oh well!
Hope you guys enjoyed it, too :) 

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#shitvipssay when someone pisses them off
  • Korean: 뱅봉으로 쳐맞아 볼래?
  • Translation: Wanna get beaten with a Crown Stick?
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