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something HUGE down there baby?

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I can’t stop staring at his nostrils every time I come across these… Oh, Jiyong and his infamously gigantic nostrils. #adorablenostrils

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Famous Korean solo artist, Sung Shi-Kyung, parodies BIGBANG’s Fantastic Baby at his concert.


  • "Shi-yang"
  • "Dae-kyung"
  • "Kyung-Ri"
  • "Sick (Shi-K) TOP"
  • "C-Dragon (Shi-Dragon)"
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Obeying the rules.

With BIGBANG’s Alive Tour and all, I’ve seen a lot of gifs being made from fancams and edits being made of fanpics, but a lot of them are of fancams/fanpics that the rightful owners asked not to be edited. Even the slightest changes are not allowed. When fansites ask people NOT to edit them or NOT to redistribute them, they don’t mean "but you can if you credit properly". It strictly means DO NOT EDIT and DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE. Just because you credit them does not make it okay to edit or take out.

PLEASE respect their rules and what they’re asking. If we don’t abide by their rules, they will (and have every right to) stop sharing and we won’t have anything to watch or look at.  Now that isn’t fair for the people who followed their rules, now is it? So please stop editing other fansites’ videos or photos if they ask us not to. Crediting them doesn’t make it okay, either! Keep that in mind! Thank you :3 

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I want to stick my index finger in there and move it all around………all around….

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[TRANS] Interpretation of BIGBANG’s “Fantastic Baby” Music Video

A bit overdue, but came across this on a blog and thought I would share. It’s been pretty obvious that the Fantastic Baby music video showed a lot of symbolism, but here is the most popular interpretation made by a Korean VIP. This is mere interpretation. It is up to you in whether or not you have the same views as it.


The owl is said to represent scarring, darkness, or even an omen of the devil. At the beginning of the music video, the owl seems to fly away, showing that the “scarring” or “darkness” is no longer existent.
When G-Dragon sings, "Come stick together. Everyone gather around…" he is calling out to the other members, who are doing their own individual activities and promotions, to come together.
The STOP MUSIC and people in the black masks represent the anti-fans (or the general public) who want Big Bang to stop making music and also want people in the white masks (V.I.P a.k.a fans) to stop listening to Big Bang’s music.The smeared eye make-up can be interpreted as it being smudged and ruined by his tears. The bruising that is seen underneath the smeared make-up also represents that there has been much pain involved, following the tears.As stated earlier, the people in white masks represent the V.I.P, fans of Big Bang.The STOP MUSIC signs and the signs that showed white-masked people wearing headphones is soon lit on fire, now implying that it has changed to START MUSIC.The coverage of the face represents having a "poker face". They cannot and do not want to express their inner feelings to the public as of yet. They are fearful, yet they do not want to show their intimidation so they put on their “poker face”.Soon after, there’s fighting. A war. Anti-fans & public vs V.I.P, fangirls.G-Dragon sits back while watching these two sides battle each other, representing that he has also been watching his fans and anti-fans arguing and fighting. Therefore, he has even seen all the negative articles and comments being made about him all along.The hat on his head is the traditional King’s Hat, representing that he will be, or is, the king.If you look closely, G-Dragon’s upper body has been bandaged. This may be interpreted as having received tremendous amounts of scarring and pain.Then, G-Dragon suddenly stands up after sitting back. This represents that he has not forgotten his original intentions (of trying his best and not giving up) and will continue to strive to be the best without being interrupted or brought down by anyone.TOP inside the canvas of a piece of art. The art, in this case, stands for all the movies and dramas he has acted in.He is then found outside of the canvas of art. In other words, he has given up and left behind all the acting of dramas, movies, and other promotions just to be with Big Bang.Next, Taeyang is seen in a "meditating" position along with the white-masked people. This can be seen as Taeyang (and the rest of Big Bang) having the same emotions and thoughts as the fans: having waited to make a comeback to be together again.Then, there is Daesung all chained up tightly. This can be interpreted as him still being afraid to face the public, doubting himself and being unconfident of this new comeback.

Also, [no capture] when the hook begins at “Dance!” and you hear G-Dragon howling, that howl represents that all they want to do is enjoy life. They want to dance all the problems away and the howling shows their excitement and joy.
Afterwards, it is visible that the barrier separating the black masks and the white masks falls over due to the power of the white-masked people, indicating the fans’ (V.I.P) victory.Next, is Seungri being seduced by the female dancers around him. This represents the tempting inner conflict he is having with himself, ever since his solo promotions, not knowing which path he wants to take more. The greed is too tempting. And the scratch marks seen across his chest indicate the pain and suffering his heart has gone through. The way G-Dragon continues to stare at the ground and not above shows that he is unable to make eye contact with the public, especially the fans he has disappointed. He is scared and is still fearing.The broken and smoking cars placed behind Daesung represent the pitiful car accident that he has gone through in the past year.However, the white-masked people catch him when he falls. In other words, fans continue to have his back and will encourage him to stand up and support him to get back on track.Now, you will see only the white-masked people (V.I.P / fans) dancing and having fun. This shows and explains that fans are ready to enjoy and have a fun time with Big Bang. The lion-masked costumes - lions are animals that are said to repel and defeat evil, heal scarring, and turns all things into good things. It could mean that it is there to help make their comeback a success. Lastly, all the members are seen wearing crowns while sitting on thrones. This, once again, represents that they will become the kings. It seems like they are seated in a very dark and gloomy area that looks like it could be somewhere underground. This shows that they are aware of their low position when their new comeback is not going to be as welcome to the public. They know that they should not be and do not deserve to be at the top, yet, because they know they must start from the bottom again (because of all the incidents that happened), and must try their absolute best to strive to be at the top. To be the kings.


Hope you enjoyed this :)
Please do not take out of tumblr. Thank you. 

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Xiah Junsu fanboy Seungri wearing his P.E. clothes during middle school
On his back: Dong Bang Shin Ki Xiah “ Sh
On his butt: Seunghyun Jjang  

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Already sent the Healing Camp full show translations to the subber, so we just need to wait for it to be timed and subbed :)

#nevertranslatingafullshowbymyselfeveragain #NEVER 

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