Big Bang's way of picking up girls?
  • G-Dragon: If there was a girl I had interest in, I would look at her with intense eyes and then ask her out right on the spot.
  • Daesung: I would leave a great impact on her by saying one thing, "You're the first." And then she would have ask, "First what?" But I would just walk away silently while making a V-sign with my hands.
  • Taeyang: I really suck at these things, so I would probably just be like, "Hey, Seungri.. I like her right there" or tell the other members who I like instead of going after her.
  • T.O.P: For me, I would slip my phone in her back pocket as I walk by.
  • Lee Hyori: That means you would have to touch her butt.
  • T.O.P: ......then I'll slip it in her front pocket..;;
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