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[TRANS] “No matter how much I think about it, V.I.P are way TOO chic and laid-back -.,-“ 

I was on Nate Pann again (heck, I’m always on Nate Pann) and I saw another fun and entertaining topic about Big Bang (Well, more of a VIP thing) so I thought I’d translate it (: As some of you may or may not know, V.I.P is considered the most “chic” and “laid-back” fandom cuz of all the fucks they don’t give LMAO. Excuse my language :X I’m sure you guys will find that most of the things are stuff you can relate to if you’re a VIP :)

Recently, I’ve been thinking and thinking…
and the more I think about it, V.I.Ps are too chic and laid-back -__-;;

Some reasons and evidence on why they are:

1. The fact that the number of votes Big Bang receives for nominations and awards is so unproportional to the number of fans they have. How badly must V.I.P not vote for Big Bang to have to personally ask their fans to go and vote for them by saying, “If you want to continue seeing us, go and vote. Please!” LOLOLOLOL. And to be honest, as a V.I.P myself, I don’t vote, either. It seems like the larger the fanclub gets, the less votes they receive hahahaha.

2. Unnecessary, useless rumors about Big Bang’s comeback dates mean nothing to V.I.P cuz they’re never true or on-time anyway. V.I.P doesn’t mind waiting. I mean, we’ve already waited 2 years before… we can wait a few more^^ And unlike other fandoms who get all anxious for their group’s comeback and solely focus on waiting, V.I.P doesn’t give a crap (nor do they expect a comeback) and only focuses their time on making Big Bang edits(like macros, captures, gifs, etc.).

3. If it’s hot weather or cold weather, no one goes to visit them at their dorm like other fandoms do with their groups. Seungri said this on “Night After Night” before that their fans are too lazy to come see them or that they care more for themselves having to go through the trouble to come see them lolololololololol. I busted out laughing so much while watching that, ahahahaha. Seems like Big Bang has the least amount of sasaeng fans than the other fandoms^^

4. If they say not to follow, they really don’t. When Big Bang or their managers ask V.I.P not to follow them, the fans just say, "Oh, they said not to follow them. Let’s leave then. We’ll come back some other time." and they just go their own ways without hesitation… to the point where Big Bang questions if those people really are true fans. Kekekekekekekekekekekekekeke.

5. Complimenting the appearance of girls who share skin-ship/touching with the Big Bang members. My best friend who’s a B2UTY is always going crazy and worrying over which girls Yong Junhyung skinshipped with or which girls the members might be dating, while my other V.I.P friends and I are watching Taeyang’s ‘I Need A Girl’ music video and saying how pretty the girls he dances with are and that they’re so gorgeous^^ kekekekekek lololololololol.

6. To V.I.P, negative comments and comments of belittlement mean nothing. I guess you can say that going through nearly, or as much as, 5 years of pain and suffering has made V.I.P stronger. So whenever we read negative comments or see the comments that point out all the flaws of Big Bang, we either just agree and admit with them or… we merely just don’t give a single crap. kekekekekekeke.

7. They’re the best at getting the weirdest captures and edits of Big Bang. Hohohaha^^ so fresh, so cool~

8. When a scandal breaks out?^^
"A scandal?"
"Another one?"
"Who is it this time?"
"Ohh, her? She’s so pretty!^^ omfg"
(Except for Youngbae, cuz he’s forever alone)

9. If Big Bang forgets to thank VIP when they win an award?
"They didn’t call out our name?"
"Ehh, I didn’t expect it anyway."

10. When there’s skin-ship and sexual touching in the music video.
"They said there’s a bed-scene this time?"
"Wtf is that? -_- That’s not a bed scene."
"That’s too weak sauce to be a bed scene. But the girl’s gorgeous." 

Source: Nate Pann

"Because we trust you, we’re able to stay forever.Whenever, wherever… we do everything together.We were so happy. It was our world.That’s why we kept on running through the rough roads of the wilderness.Even when I fell down, the thought of you always had me standing back up.Just run and keep on looking forward while I protect you from behind.Spread your wings out wide while I save you from the harsh winds.You’re the one in my life… like the stars that never fall.”- Until Whenever 

"Because we trust you, we’re able to stay forever.
Whenever, wherever… we do everything together.
We were so happy. It was our world.
That’s why we kept on running through the rough roads of the wilderness.
Even when I fell down, the thought of you always had me standing back up.

Just run and keep on looking forward while I protect you from behind.
Spread your wings out wide while I save you from the harsh winds.
You’re the one in my life… like the stars that never fall.”

- Until Whenever 

[TRANS] “A V.I.P unni saved me during Power Concert” 

So, I was browsing through Nate Pann just now and saw that one of the posts that made it to the Hot Issue list was one that was titled, “A V.I.P unni saved me during Power Concert” and clicked it since I’m a VIP myself LMAO. I just thought it was a cute, yet heroic post that made me feel proud to be a VIP :) So, enjoy!

It’s kinda long, but entertaining.

**** there is a part during this fan account where it talks about a few fans of a certain group, but because I don’t want to start any fan wars, I’m just going to put “________” as a replacement. If you want to find out which group it is, you can go look for it yourself on the original post lmao. Sorry. I just want to keep everything clean. ****

"I’m afraid that I might be posting about this a little too late, but after seeing a post
that became a hot issue written by someone who was saved by a B2uty, I told myself
that I really! had to make my own account a hot issue so that I can show my
appreciation for that unni (older girl) T_T

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T.O.P looking out for fans.

YES! I was totally watching my Big Show dvd and felt like crying when I saw this part! I probably scratched up the dvd trying to rewind this part over and over again. His expression is so… caring. UGH. WHY ARE YOU SO PERFECT?

G-Dragon doesn’t want to marry a V.I.P 

As a lot of us may know and have heard him say so, G-Dragon stated that he never wants to get married to a V.I.P.

But that’s all we ever paid attention to. We never gave ourselves a chance to listen to what he had to say and why he doesn’t want to.

"When you get married, you have to show your loved one when you’re going through a hard time, that you’re feeling weak, and you eventually have to show them when you’re falling down from all the hardships you’re going through…

But I don’t ever want to show my fan that I’m weak and in pain.”

…. is what he continued on to say.

It’s not that he doesn’t love V.I.P, it’s just that he cares that much for his fans.

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