helloaprilxx said: Ohmygod took me so long looking for your ask lol. Do you by any chance have a link to a video of that gif with Dae? I think it's from a Japanese show were BB went to a haunted house.

Ah, sorry about that! Haha. And, yes! There are two parts to the whole show. But if you’re looking for the haunted house section, it starts in the middle of part two.

Fuji TV “Catherine” PART 1
Fuji TV “Catherine” PART 2

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Anonymous said: I find that anon really funny. Imagine, how many times did you already said that it's an "opinion" and you don't have any intentions on offending someone. But that last ask, is really obvious. MAYBE he did said that it's an "opinion" too, but we all know that there's sarcasm there. to the other anon, maybe you can just shut off.

I disabled anonymous questions… I don’t know how you managed to get this in my inbox LOL. I could have sworn this wasn’t in here until just a second ago even after I disabled it! Scary.

Anyway, lol. Yeah, apparently my opinions don’t have a right to be called opinions ”/ 

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smsisita said: omg. all these anons. Seriously, if you don't have the guts to say it off anon then don't say it at all!

Exactly! haha

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jitori said: I don't get your anons. if they don't like your opinion they can just unfollow. it's not like your force them to read your tweets either. tbh the thing I usually do when I dislike someone's opinion: ignore and avoid it as much as I can.

Yeah, well, I guess that’s not how their system works. They like to read my twitter on their own and then start fire out of it lol.

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Anonymous said: ok so...taeyang's hair in monster is really funny, i think gd is a little rude sometimes, i think top did some plastic surgery on his face (which is flawless), seungri's jokes are rather lame and weird, daesung is not really that handsome compared to the rest, jay park tries too hard to sound black in his tweets. These are all opinions not hate and i'm gonna go ahead and apologize if i offended you but don't bother defending them. tell me how that works out for you.

HONESTLY, I agree with everything you said. And yeah, once again, I’m not going to lie; if I saw these comments being made elsewhere before you anons started trying to start shit with me and my tweet, I would have also been ticked off as well. But all those things you just listed are things I have stated myself a bunch of times before. lol. The things I can’t handle are the extreme comments that can’t even be considered as “just opinions”. Do I seriously have to disable anonymous questions because of all you scared people? lol.

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Anonymous said: To be really honest your comments about Wooyoung's men's health photoshoot make you sound clueless. You said you chanced upon that picture so i'm gonna assume that you haven't seen any of wooyoung's tweets about his current gym workout and how his body's developing. All hottests have seen the improvement and we know it isn't completely fake (men's health photoshops a little on EVERY cover). You should update yourself before you give your 'OPINIONS'

Yeah, I’m not going to lie. I am clueless. I haven’t been keeping up with much about 2PM’s whereabouts lately, so obviously I don’t know how their bodies are supposed to look these days. Aside from that fact, I think the people who are being offended by my tweet are reading it in a different nuance. Like I stated before, I never intended for it to be a hate comment. And since when does giving opinions have to be done after being updated and informed with anything? I’m guessing you read my previous answer to that anon, so I’m assuming you also read about me saying that all messages unrelated to YG should be sent to my formspring. Before you tell me to “update” myself, how about you send your messages to my formspring instead if you clearly read about me saying that.

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Anonymous said: Oh, okay. I saw someone say that is was on YG's stock market thing, but I wasn't sure if it was legit or not. I guess we just have to wait and see. Thank you!!

No problem! Sorry my answer wasn’t of much help, haha. I’ll check up on the sites frequently and if anything comes up about it, I’ll post it up :)

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Anonymous said: I have no idea how late I am on this. Sorry if someone asked this already ;~;, but is it true that Epik High is coming back with an album under YG?

I have no idea! :( I saw a bunch of people on my twitter timeline spazzing about it, but I forgot to check up on it! I don’t know what to believe yet since neither YGE’s side or any other representative released news about it. The most recent news articles out about them on Naver and Daum are from May 17 talking about how Tukutz is going to be promoting solo for a while…

But I may be on the wrong track. 

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juniyong said: I'm a hardcore 2PM fan and Wooyoung is my bias (-first ever actually) and I thought his body looked fake as well. So shoot me, anon.

I’ve been getting tweets from other Hottests saying the same thing, not trying to make excuses or anything haha. I do admit that my tweet can be misleading, but that anon… lol. Anyway, thank you, haha :)

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Anonymous said: what music player are you using?

Hypster Classic :)

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