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stupid liar

I can’t stop staring at his nostrils every time I come across these… Oh, Jiyong and his infamously gigantic nostrils. #adorablenostrils

VIP: i can just imagine my life without big bang...
VIP: i'd probably have more free time to myself
VIP: and be happier with a boyfriend
VIP: and less delusional
VIP: ....
VIP: ....
VIP: LOL yeah right, what am i thinking. big bang is my boyfriend.

"If something goes wrong with me, just know that it’s your fault because you’re the reason why I got so messed up. I’ll pray for your misfortune when you meet another man so that you’ll become unhappy. No matter how much I erase and keep erasing you, it still feels like you’re near. Of all people, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget you. Although I know it’s over now because you chose to throw me away, I’m such a foolish idiot… a sinner that loves you."
— Taeyang - Sinner


TOP really needs to learn from Seungri and post some of his own self-taken pictures up on Me2day, especially since he only updates it every 893769028567 days. FML, Seunghyun. But I still love you.